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We specialize in the production of high grade coated and uncoated calcium carbonate powder products

About Us


Vinavico Minerals JSC has established itself as one of the leading calcium carbonate manufacturers in Viet Nam since 2005. We specialize in the production of high grade coated and uncoated calcium carbonate powder products.


With our company slogan “Providing Cost-saving Solution to Create Value”, Vinavico Minerals has been providing consistent quality of a range of cost-saving calcium carbonate products to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.


Vinavico Minerals is dedicated to establishing long term business relationships with our customers from a range of manufacturing industries including latex gloves, masterbatch, paint, plastic, pvc, rubber and etc.


Our proven success and years of experience enables us to provide the best quality and services to our customers. We are committed to developing more value added solutions for our customers and ensure a high quality, consistent and reliable source of calcium carbonate products.


OUR ADVANTAGES: We own the purest marble mines in Mong Son and Luc Yen with huge reserves. The content of calcite is higher than 98,5%, high whiteness, brightness and homogenelty. It is recognised as one of the best marble mines in Vietnam and Southeast Asia as well.


OUR CUSTOMERS: We provide coated/uncoated ground calcium carbonate powder (GCC) from purest natural marble quarries, which has been applying worldwide instead of light calcite powder as additives for industries such as Paper, paint, ink, rubber, plastic, effluent treatment and others. Our products are separated into grades of application with range of partical size from 5µm of fine powder to tens milimeters of chip form, coated and uncoated kinds whatever meet various industrial demands.



Calcium Carbonate

Natural or stearic acid coated calcium carbonate powder, widely used in different industries mainly as fillers. Calcium carbonate is used with the aim to lower the material and production costs of the end products. Besides that, it will also enhance certain properties of the end products. Please refer to the applications below for more information.


Our products range:

  • Chip form, size: 3mm to 80mm
  • Granular form, size: 36µm to 125µm
  • Uncoated fine powder, partical size: from 1,5µm to 35µm
  • Coated Powder, particle size: from 1,5µm to 25µm
  • Process in accordance with customers’ requirements
CaCO3 content 98.50% Whiteness grade ≥98%
MgO 0.08% Brightness ≥96%
Fe2O3 0.02% Oil absorption 24g/100g CaCO3
Al2O3 0.3% Moisture contents 0.2%
SiO2 0.03% Density 2.7g/cm3
Latex Gloves

Our superfine ground calcium carbonate is widely used as functional


Calcium carbonate masterbatch, also known as filler masterbatch, it contains


In today’s society, tonnes and tonnes of paper are consumed


Paint is a thin layer of film which acts to


The use of rubber is widespread, ranging from household to


Plastic products are widely used in our daily life. Most


There are other applications of calcium carbonate which include inks,



vietnam caco3 carbonate powder marble quarry 2
Sunset on our limestone mine

vietnam caco3 carbonate powder marble quarry 1
Our raw material base

vietnam caco3 carbonate powder
Inside out factory


vietnam caco3 carbonate powder factory 1
Our German-technology grinding machines

vietnam caco3 carbonate powder factory 2
Grinding machine

vietnam caco3 carbonate powder factory 3
Air filler system




1. Exploitation and Stage of selection raw material:

  • Marble is exploited and pre-selected at mine in lump form before transporting to the stock of raw material in factory.
  • Lumps shall be classified into classes of quality, passing through water pressure washing system before it is transferred to the grinding line.


2. Crushing stage, chip producing line:

  • Through Jaw Crushing stage, marble has the form of chip from few millimeter to 80 millimeters size, is suitable sizing for classification of product granules and next stage of passing through the conveyor and vibrator system.
  • Chip is the form of less than 35 millimeters and larger than 15 millimeters. The larger will be conveyed to hammer crushing plant, crushed in order to achieve granules of less than 3 millimeters in size, then stocked as raw material of superfine powder grinding line.


3. Fine powder grinding stage:

  • Granule of less than 3mm size will be conveyed into the ball mill 230/400 SF of HOSOKOWA to be ground into micronmeter size of partical, through 500/3 ATP classifying and automatic reverse jet filter sustem to be separated to various ranges of desired particles contained in the Silos.
  • The sytem is totally automatic control with high precision.


4. Coating stage:

  • Products after being ground to fine powder will be put into CW contraplexcoating system in required size, stearic acid in solid form will be fused, pressure pumped into spraying chamber before going into mixing machine, ensure calcite partices surface shall be fully covered by thin layer of stearic, creating better flexibility for the product when used as additives.
  • By closing system, the mixing ratio shall be controlled automatically, the product will be ensured uniformity of quality and coated particles size.


5. Distribution/Delivery:

  • Our products shall be packed into PP bag of 25kg 50kg, 500kg or 1 ton jumbo bag, with ot without film of antimoisture, depending on conditions of transportation and delivery of specific requirements of each customer.
  • We offer methods of delivery ex-factory or door-to-door in customers’ stocks.
  • For export, the delivery term may be FOB, or CNF, and CIF.
  • Based on amount and schedule of customer order, means of transport will be proposed to ensure the flexible delivery time with the minimum cost.




Process flow of Coated Uncoated Calcium Carbonate Powder

Process flow of Coated Uncoated Calcium Carbonate Powder

Here at Vinavico Minerals we follow a strict operation workflow to ensure that our products will meet the high quality standards that our clients have come to expect. As a result of our dedication to quality, we have been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Certification in Quality Management System in 2008.



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